General Suvidha Card

Our Organization launches two Suvidha Card for the member who joins and work with us for the development of our society in the field of Education, Health, Environment & Employment.Our member get discount benefits approx. 2 – 10 % in the field of Education,Retail,FMCG,Medical & Other sector with 2 lakhs accidental insurance only for one member of the family.

  1. General Suvidha Card :For Head of the family member who join through online or our associate .Our Organization provide General Suvidha Card with all facilities as under valid for one year only .

General Suvidha Card Benefits :

     2 lakhs accidental insurance

     Medicine Discount (2-10 %)

     Coaching Discount (70 - 80 %).

     Computer Course Discount (70 - 80 %).

     Vocational Course Discount (70 - 80 %).

     Free Health Checkup

     Saving yearly 5000 -25000 from our Educational Project.

     Nursing Home & Pvt.Hospital Discount.

     Pathology Test(CT-Scan/Blood Test/X-ray/Other) Discount

     Retail Shopping Discount (2-10%)