To advocate for the equality in social life, economyand political issues.
_ To promote Dalit, Minority and women.
_ Organizing the people in community based organizations (CBOs) like Gram Vikas Samiti, Gram shiksha Samiti, SHGs, Mahila Samities etc.
_ To provide basic education to children, women, farm laborers, neo-literates.
_ Reproductive and child health programmes.
_ To advocate , campaign, promotion of women and child rights.
_ Development programmes of Handicrafts.
_ Advocating human rights issues
_ Child Labour Rehabilitation Programme etc.
_ The vision centre in Voluntary sector should provide free services to the poor patients and children, Proposal new vision centers with the help of National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB).
_ Conceptual Background Preparation on Rural Development, Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Intervention, Human ResourceDevelopment, SCs & STs, Women & Women & Child Development, agriculture & Allied Industries Promotion Disaster Management, Youth Affairs, Cultural Development, Tourism Promotion, Human Rights, Peace & Co-operation, Self Help Group (SHG) Formation & Management, child Labour & Street Child
rehabilitation etc.
_ Survey, Identification; analysis assessment and Database Management System installation.
_ Preparation of PROJECT FEASIBILITY REPORT with Socio-techno and Financial analysis.
_ Panel of noted experts/qualified professional and educationists.
_ Planning workshop analysis.
_ Concept Paper formulation. Computer Aided Education on Boot-model on distt. Level.
_ Training Programme organization.
_ Documentation workshop.
_ Information research and information dissemination.
_ Analysis Monitoring, Supervision and follow-up.
_ Logical Framework.
_ Enterpreneurship, Personality and Communication skill Development.
_ Credit & Performance Rating.